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Statements by invited guests

Ann Foulkes, Trek Mountains, Italy: "Thank for the invitation and the successful time we had in Slovenia last week. I found it very useful, interesting and enjoyable. As someone who has wanted to organise trekking holidays in Slovenia for some time now, the chance to visit and speak to people who specialise in walking and biking trips was very valuable. The hospitality we received was wonderful - I felt very well looked after throughout! It is certainly my intention to start to put together some trekking packages and multi-activity family holidays in Slovenia for my clients."

Kristina Soldan and Anthony Testa, BIG EUROPE: ˝We would like to say that the experience that you guys offered was amazing. J Kristina and I really enjoyed your programme and your staff. Thanks to your team we were able to discover a whole new dimension to Slovenia, which was the reason in the first place we decided to participate in your event. We were able to see, feel and enjoy an entire new side of Slovenia that will allow us with no doubts to better sell it to our future customers. We were very pleased with the team that hosted us. They were all very professional and very helpful! No question ever went unanswered and not only that it was done with a smile. The organization and the planning of the day activities were perfectly structured which allowed us to learn while enjoying ourselves. We will do our best to share our great experience with our customers and to send as many as we can your way.˝

Ton van Grondelle and  Marijke Wille, VenturiX Outdoor- Vixxbizz: ˝We both had a great time and are very thankful for your organization and all the useful information we gathered in such a short period. We will continue to promote Slovenia in the Netherlands and Belgium through our social media pages on Facebook and LinkedIn, and we will add some extra packages on both our websites (www.venturix.nland www.vixxbizztraining.nl). Luckily, the market for incentive travel is recovering little by little and I think it must be possible to find the right public for short trips to Slovenia. Thanks again for these wonderful days and your great hospitality! ˝

Anna Moleda, Holiday Travel Ltd.: “First of all I want to Thank you very much for your invitation to Natour Alps Travel and Trade show in October. It was a huge pleasure for me to take a part in the study tour organised by Toleranca marketing. It was my first time in Slovenia and I discovered that this wonderful country is for everyone who wants to experience an amazing variety of active sports like: rafting, kayaking, canyoning, skiing and cycling. Slovenia is also for all who love to be in contact with nature and their inner spirit, so I want to promote Slovenia in Poland as very attractive and fascinating country for mice- incentive and leisure groups. This study tour helped me to get more information about different regions of Slovenia and feel better this picturesque country. I found that B2B trade show Natour Alps was very useful for me to meet people from hotels, agencies and tourist organisations to continue business relationship with them.
I really hope that Slovenia will be next destination for our clients and they will enjoy this country as I did!  

Finally, I want to emphasize that B2B trade shows are necessary to build business relationship between people from tourist organisations and I believe it is the best promotion of the country.”