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Why participate in the trade-show

  • We expect an increased number of exhibitors, which means a broad range of competitors from the region and wider, their ideas and solutions.
  • We expect an increased number of direct visitors interested in the offer of active leisure in nature.
  • The fair is an opportunity for your presentation, direct sales and a testing of your offer.    
  • An opportunity of learning, networking, consulting and getting in touch with new trends.
  • Media coverage through a network of Slovenian and foreign media partners is guaranteed

Why participate the B2B meetings?
  • Save time and money with simultaneous application for exchange. After the event, you will receive the invited customers base.                          
  • Simultaneous exchange – Within the business part of the trade show, approx. 700 meetings with more than 30 selected buyers from abroad will be agreed in advance. 
  • You will be able to use the on-line application for pre-scheduling the meetings, and the organizer guarantees at least 10 meetings agreed in advance. 
  • An option of additional promotion by co-organization of study trips.